We are TV

Because TV, like cinema, is above all sound, image, light, scenery and a good deal of organization.

adline Production

Adline productions combines the management of both creative and artistic processes (from writing to casting) with the financial and commercial aspects of the Film and TV industries.


Theofabrica is dedicated to the creation of specific client's contents


Cmmunication Strategy

La BAM Éditions


Les Studios Palace

Sounds Edition

Darklight Content

Horrific Original Creations

Green Light TV


Sens 9

Human Ressource

Différentes structures Différents savoir-faire
We help others to make films, series, magazines, documentaries, entertainment, advertising, whether for television, cinema and/or digital.
A collective of independent talents, producers, directors, screenwriters, humorists, journalists, graphic designers, designers, coders, digital strategists… at the service of ideas and creation.
When the audience hides the spectator
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